Romanian Chemical Producers and Distributors Association – APDCR

09:00 Registration
09:30 Opening and introduction Mr. Claudiu Tuncu, President APDCR
9:40 Romanian authorities involved in chemical legislation Mariana Mihalcea, Head of Chemicals Dept, National Agency for Environment Protection, Romania
10:00 SAICM Responsible Care Luminita Tirchila, Senior Counselor, Ro-SAICM, Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forestry, Romania
10:20 Introducing Cefic Francis Leveque, RC Manager CEFIC
10:40 Introducing Responsible Care, a global initiative Sjoerd Looijs, RC Manager VNCI- Dutch Chemical Industry Association, Co Chair SIG
11:00 Responsible Care and Sustainable Development Martin Hostalek, Merck, Acting Chairman RC SIG
11:20 How and why starting Responsible Care (Experience of VNCI and Merck) Sjoerd Looijs & Martin Hostalek
11:40 Coffee Break
11:55 RC Key performance indicators Sjoerd Looijs, VNCI
12:15 Cefic RC tools to support SMEs Francis Leveque, RC Manager CEFIC
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Example 1: another European National Association Hallar Heybaum, Executive Director, Estonian Chemical Industry Federation
14:05 Example 2: a company implementing RC Mari Pikk, Quality Manager ORTO Estonia
14:25 Coffee, tea break
14:45 Q and A priorities for Romania
16:00 Close